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Mon Mar 12
To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. C. S. Lewis
Sun Jan 8
Florensky was one of the speakers in a series of debates between religious believers and atheists that were sponsored by the Bolsheviks in the first years after the revolution. They began to draw huge crowds and, though stacked with party activists, often ended in applause for the religious speakers. This led to their discontinuation by the regime. From Sergei Demidov and Charles Ford, “On the Road to a Unified World View: Priest Pavel Florensky — Theologian, Philosopher and Scientist”, citing Pospielovksy
Thu Mar 17

Let’s Make Fun of the Fed!

You’ve got to see this “slide show” on CNNMoney: Famous Fed flubs. I’m not claiming that it is like an Austrian wrote it, but a lot of it is pretty good. Don’t miss the main thing that is interesting though.

At one time we had to suffer through the head of the Fed being called “Maestro” and other such nonsense. Coming from there, this kind of laughing at the Fed is most welcome. Let’s hope there is a lot more of this to come!

[Thanks to Robert Wenzel]

Sun Feb 27
Thu Feb 17

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Tue Feb 1
Wed Jan 12
Sun Dec 26
My wife and 2yo Ransom (Taken with instagram)

My wife and 2yo Ransom (Taken with instagram)

Sun Aug 29


I’m considering leaving the isolation of my cave and rejoining society. Is the autotune fad over yet?

Wed Aug 18